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This demo showcases the core mechanics of the game. 

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The War Will Win is a classic turn-based strategy game with the added uncertainty and luck of card games.

Troubles brewing at the borders and something isn’t normal about it. All the factions are preparing for something! Is the disappearance of civilians at the border, related to this? Whatever is the reason, you'll soon learn that all war comes at a price, and no matter who remains to stand, only The War will ever win.

Our team consistently works on the game but since we are a very small team, things can get delayed or slowed down. You can stay up to date with the game over on our Twitter or our Instagram.


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Great concept, I think there's lots of potential here! Love the graphics and especially the darker colour palette. Look forward to seeing how it develops.  

Some thoughts which I hope are helpful:

  • You click a unit, then act or move, then have to re-select them to get the action panel (atk) to appear, it could be a smoother flow if actions automatically appeared after moving?
  • Nice to have: 
    • Right-click to cancel move/action, 
    • Confirmation prompt before it lets you attack your units. (I had arched selected, clicked attack, saw enemy was just outside his attack range, so clicked the other archer intending to switch to him - instead my archer killed my own unit!)
    • left-click on enemies to see their movement, tool tips on abilities to show what they do (I know you can right click on the unit but tooltip would still be nice and less diversions), 
    • ability to skip dialogue/tutorials (eg when you lose and replay a map)
  • Nice: getting new cards after battles that promise new strategic options (like wall, farm etc) was cool.
    • Unfortunately, the fortress and walls did not seem worth the cost - walls were always destroyed immediately, and the fortress in two turns. Maybe walls could be cheaper and/or more HP, and fortress could be better if it had more HP and healed units, maybe something like 1-2 health per turn? 
  • A spike wall could be a good idea for another type of wall, low HP but dmgs enemies who attack it, creating strategic options.
  • Maybe already in the game later but an option to repair structures - maybe an ability for the builder?
  • Positioning - since units don't block movement the enemy just runs straight through my tougher units to archer/builders and one-shots them. Could be more strategic with units light knights having zones of control or at least enemy units not being able to walk through opposing units?

The only other thing is more subjective - but with card-based games the RNG might end you up in situations where all cards req. a builder but I had no builders.

Could not beat map 3 after 4 tries - I never got the right cards at the start or got stuck like above. I had plenty of archer, pawn and knights in my deck, but I also tried a round with only units and no structures in my deck to avoid getting stuck but energy was coming in too slow to really fight back fast enough.

I know you can "discard hand" but it didn't feel efficient except in extreme cases. Maybe an option to discard a single card and get +1 energy would be a nice balancer here? 

Looking forward to seeing it develop!

Update: beat that map and got to map 8, with what seemed to be unbeatable:

  • Start as far away from enemy as possible.
  • Hope to get one builder + farm in your hand, and place them in the corner
  • place other farms when possible
  • Ideally first place archers next to your boss, then drop pawns in front of archers if energy permits. 
  • Drop pawns until you have at least 2 farms then start dropping better units
  • Focus on picking off enemy archer/mages with your archers (kills them in one shot), and horses (since they can run right through everything and murder your leader) 
  • Once you have decimated most of the opponents' ranged units and have a full army on the table, slowly push towards them creating a creeping wave of death. At this point you would have maxed out energy so can easily replace lost units instantly.
  • The third general is by far the best, most HP and his special move affects ALL units. 
  • As soon as in range, use the third general's special, and focus on enemy leader, they'll drop in 2-3 attacks and battle won!

Nothing could stop me, didnt need fireball or other magic (even when I put them in my deck they never appeared in my hand anyway...do they only appear if you have the magic-user general?)

That is... UNTIL I encountered a crippling bug - in map 8 suddenly archers could no longer attack (attack was always greyed out). Melee units could attack for a few more turns but then also fell victim to the no attack curse.